increase hard disk size, in Virtual PC
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increase hard disk size

Source: microsoft.public.virtualpc
Sent: 12/01/2006
From: "Mickey Ferguson" <(email address - cut out)>

I created a VPC setup such that it had a 16 GB hard disk that was a
dynamically expanding virtual hard disk. I've now come to realize that it's
not nearly large enough - it's reporting that I am near the disk size limit.
Is there a way to change it from 16 GB maximum to, say, 30 GB, yet keeping
it as a dynamically expanding VHD? Or is there any other way for me to
accomplish the main objective of having a lot more disk space available for
me? I've got plenty of disk space left on the real HD where the .VHD is
located - still over 200 GB left.

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