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Some errors I encountered trying to connect to a Solaris box include:

Incompatible magic value 1013478509 in class file vncviewer/VNCViewer

This has to do with Internet Explorer's enhanced security (great concept, pain in the neck when you KNOW you want to do something). The java icon may just be a small icon you can't get any details on, or it may be a java logo that you can right click and see the console - the console will have this error.

What do I do to fix it? Add the site to your trusted sites list, Tools - Options - Security - Trusted Sites - Sites - Add the site..

I get prompted for the password but then nothing happens

I got stuck on this one too.. I had to go walk back to the box and on the screen I saw it was requesting permission for VNC to read the password file. Trivial, but if it had been a headless server in the rack already I'd be stuck. Additionally the web server for the vnc client wouldn't serve up more pages until something was clicked.

Running gnome on your desktop / vncserver

Using gnome and cde in vnc on solarisexternal link (cache)

Created by: steveradich last modification: Thursday 22 of May, 2008 [14:13:39 UTC] by steveradich

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