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Configure a static IP Address on Solaris print
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Steps to configure a static IP address on Solaris 10 - by default DHCP is used, at least in the developer preview builds I've used..

Disable NWAM (Auto Configuration via DHCP) and enable "default" (static) type config:

svcadm disable physical:nwam
svcadm enable physical:default 

Edit the following files in /etc - 
hostname.e1000g0 : to IP address - hostname.(Interface name) is the filename..
/etc/hosts - add IP you want and short name + long name (fully qualified name)
/etc/nodename - the primary name to use (for example in sendmail, etc.).
/etc/defaultrouter - the IP of the default gateway
/etc/netmasks - set the netmasks of your networks, i.e. generally for a /24, if you don't know probably this..
/etc/resolv.conf - list the name servers - for example:
copy /etc/nsswitch.dns to /etc/nsswitch.conf - so dns is used

Restart network to check:
svcadm restart milestone/network

If all is ok reboot just to confirm all comes up as expected

Created by: steveradich last modification: Monday 23 of June, 2008 [19:30:31 UTC] by steveradich

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