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How to allow us to upload exe files print
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How to allow us to upload exe files

SharePoint Services for Windows have enhanced security settings which allow you to easily specify what file types should be blocked, i.e. what is unsafe, like.exe files.

All of the blocked file extensions / types are listed on a "Manage blocked file types" page.

To edit the list, you should:

1) Go to Central Administration page (http://<yourserver>:2301/default.aspx)

2) Enter login\password (Sharepoint admins only)

3) Click on "Manage blocked file types" in a Security Configuration section

4) Edit list, i.e. to allow "exe" extension, remove it from a list of "blocked file types"

5) Click Ok.

If needed, enter Sharepoint admin login\password to refresh cashe.

NOTE: If you allow .exe files then be sure only trusted users can upload, you should have a virus scan before uploading and probably on each client that may download for added security.

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