memory trimming, in Virtual Server 2005
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memory trimming

Source: microsoft.public.virtualserver
Sent: 08/31/2009
From: Rodney Bradey

I run Virtual Server 2005 1.1.629.0 EE R2 SP1 on Windows 2003 x64 R2 with
24GB ram (along with SQL 2005 x64 Std Edition).

I have been experiencing some issues with working set trims on this machine
and it seems whenever I start a VM a trim happens. Before the VM starts the
System Cache Resident Bytes hovers around 194MB. After the start it nevers
gets over 15MB. I constantly get trims occurring and of course lots of paging
and the performance of SQL and system is drastically affected. (shame I can't
post a screen shot of perfmon to give more detail)

Memory usage is
24GB installed
SQL 15.384 GB min and 16.384 GB max

Any ideas ?


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