Network Adapter & Legacy Network Adapter, in Virtual Server 2005
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Network Adapter & Legacy Network Adapter

Source: microsoft.public.virtualserver
Sent: 08/26/2009
From: Harolds

My Hyper V host 3 vm's and has 2 physical nics.

I setup 1 nic as an external virtual network, and I unselected "Allow
management operating system to share this network adapter.

I want to use this virtual switch for all 3 vm's.

So I setup each machine with a Network Adapter connecting to this virtual
switch, the problem is each of the vm's networks run very slow. For example;
when remote desktop into one of the vm's and I click the start button it well
take several seconds before it appears.

But if I use Legacy Network Adapters instead of Network Adapters in all vm's
connecting to the same virtual switch their networking works as expected,
fast with no delays.

Can someone explain what I may be doing wrong since Network Adapters are
suppose to work better and faster then Legacy Network Adapters.


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