Windows2008ServerVM\SQLServer2008\HangsUp , in Virtual Server 2005
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Source: microsoft.public.virtualserver
Sent: 07/22/2009
From: gh <(email address - cut out)>

I have Windows 2008 Server standard 64 bit on the host machine. I am
running hyper v with a Windows 2008 Server standard 32 bit WM on it. I
was installing Sql Server 2008 standard into the vm machine and it was
almost completed then everything locks up. It acts like it is stuck in
a loop. After letting it run like this for several hours I had to reboot
the server. When the server was rebooted I was able to navigate the
host just fine. I made sure to shut down and restart the vm. I went
into the vm and clicked on SQL server management console, opened up the
security tab and it hung up again. I have 2048 set for ram, do I need
more? What else may cause this problem? I have all the updates applied
to the 2008 servers.


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