MS-DOS, LPT and IRQ, in Virtual PC
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Source: microsoft.public.virtualpc
Sent: 09/23/2004
From: "JUB" <(email address - cut out)>

I'm just testing VPC in a XP Home enviroment. I need to
run some old MS-DOS 6.22 applications for a special
communication hardware (CAN) at the LPT. The software
uses the ports and the IRQ of the LPT. VPC LPT port
access works fine, but no interrupt is dedected. Booting
pure MS-DOS and using this software or running windows
specific software for this hardware shows, that the ports
and the IRQ works fine (LPT = standard bidirectional, LPT
as plug & play or legacy, use all interrupts of the
I didn't found any comment about the LPT IRQ in this
forum or the documentation, but the information, that a
parallel port ZIP drive will work. I think, the ZIP guest
software will also use the interrupt. So the question is,
what else can I do, is there a problem of using XP Home
or is the use of LPT IRQ no part of VPC?



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